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Carbon Offroad Ultimate 12-Piece Vehicle Recovery Kit | CW-ULTIMATE

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Not only does The Carbon Offroad Gear look awesome, Its built awesome!.

Whether you're upgrading your old gear or fitting out your new fourby.

Don't miss the opportunity to get a high-quality kit with great value.

A great quick grab kit with all the important gear you need in one bag, (with extra room to put your choice of tools and accessories ) when travelling the high country, touring up north or just playing in the mud snow or sand.

Full Individual Retail Price - $732.80
Carbon Ultimate Recovery Kit Price - $659.95

Great value with all the below items!

This Epic Carbon Offroad Ultimate Combo includes the following -
(Please see induvial listings for item descriptions)

  • 1 x Carbon Offroad Expandable Recovery Bag
  • 2 x Carbon Offroad 4.75T. Bow Shackles
  • 1 x Carbon Offroad Pulley Block
  • 1 x Carbon Offroad Damper Blanket
  • 1 x Carbon Offroad 5 Mtr Tree Trunk Protector
  • 1 X Carbon Offroad 8T. x 9Mtr Snatch Strap
  • 2 X Carbon Offroad Monkey Fist Soft Shackles
  • 1 x Carbon Offroad Tyre Deflator Kit
  • 1 x Carbon Offroad 7T x 10m Winch Extension Rope
  • 1 x Carbon Offroad Monkey Fist Kinetic Recovery Rope 9m x 24mm