Dashmate Hardwire Power Kit DSH-HWK

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DSH-HWK connects to your vehicle battery through your vehicle’s fuse box and provides constant power to your dashcam when the engine is turned off.
Hardwire Kit – Constant power for your dashcam
  • Universal Kit - Suits Dashmate and all other dashcams with Mini USB or Micro USB connections
  • Cars and Trucks - Compatible with both 12V and 24V vehicle batteries
  • Constant Power - Continuous recording* when vehicle is turned off for peace of mind *(Subject to features of Dash camera)
  • Battery Drain Protection - Protects your dashcam from draining your vehicle’s battery
  • Fuse Tap Options - Includes 4 different input fuse tap types for fuse box connection
  • Connector Options - Mini USB and Micro USB connectors included

What’s In The Box

Hardwire Kit

Fuse Options: ATS (Standard) Fuse Cable, Mini Fuse Cable, Micro2 Fuse Cable, Micro Fuse Cable

Output Cable Options: Mini-USB Cable, Micro-USB Cable

4 x Cable Ties; User Guide