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Direct Clutch Kit Nissan Skyline R32 GTR Pull Type

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Direct clutch offers a large range of stock OEM replacement clutch kits and components…

  • OEM Replacement Clutch Kits for every car, truck, van and ute.
  • Performance Lightened Flywheels
  • (OEM) Original equipment Dual Mass Flywheels
  • Dual mass to Solid Conversion Flywheels
  • Clutch Accessories: Ring gears, quick shift kits, clutch plates, clutch cable etc etc
  • Huge range of Gearbox Adaptor Conversion Plates
  • Clutch alignment tools for 1000's of clutch kit combinations.


HD & HT Organic Clutch

The Direct Clutch Heavy Duty clutch kit, commonly sees a 15-20% increase in clamping force. This in most cases does not result in a firmer pedal, as this is due to still utilizing the stock diaphragm, with the increase in clamping force coming from a geometry change made inside the pressure plate, after it’s completely dismantled and modified.

HD & HT Cushion Ceramic

The Direct Clutch Cushion Ceramic clutch kit, is regarded as the ultimate in most modified performance street applications.

Providing excellent drive-ability with smooth organic like feel, with its sprung hub for reduced noise and wafer spring design. The wafer spring providing progressive resistance as the clutch engages. Though still providing the consistency and high heat resistance we have come to expect from ceramic clutch material.

HD & HT Sprung Button

The Direct Clutch Heavy Duty Sprung Button clutch kit series, has all the advantages of the Heavy Duty / High Torque Organic clutch kit, with the added advantage of button/ceramic plates. The ceramic/button plates offer a more positive engagement over organic with added heat resistance, while being completely serviceable in a range of compounds and thicknesses.

The Direct Clutch Heavy Duty Sprung Button series is recommended in all higher Hp or aggressive driving applications. Our Heavy Duty sprung button series clutch kits do see positive engagement, therefore it is generally not recommended for vehicles seeing daily street driving… though the sprung hub does offer some noise dampening when compared to that of a solid hub.

HD & HT Solid Button

The Direct Clutch Heavy Duty Solid Button clutch has all the traits and characteristics of the Direct Clutch sprung button clutch kit, with the elimination of the sprung hub/centre.

The elimination of the sprung hub/centre is a commonly seen in applications that are dedicated to full time load or competition, when clutch reliability and consistency is of highest priority and elimination of the sometimes-regarded weak link, the sprung centre or hub.