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Eclipse Turbo Systems ECP545S ZD30CRD Upgrade Turbocharger (Patrol GU) - Small Wheel

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The small wheel option is our legendary all rounder. Suitable for solid allround performance upgrades, and our best option for vehicles that tow caravans and campers.
This is our most popular option. For higher power applications, please see our big wheel option ECP545B

The ECP545 VNT turbocharger’s design criteria, was to produce high torque levels at very low rpm without losing any of the low down response of the factory turbocharger, from a much larger turbocharger unit. With a torque range of 1500rpm to 3600rpm while remaining within the fuel limits of the factory Crd’s fuel system. We have targeted peak torque to exactly where you need it! Vastly improving both drive-ability and for those seeking to use for towing conditions and/or a very responsive daily driver. Effortless torque and throttle response from a direct replacement turbocharger. 

Early ZD30 Di models gained a bad reputation for engine failures (known as “grenading”). This was due to Nissan design shortcomings.  To Nissan’s credit, they addressed these issues in the later DI models, and followed through to the current CRD model.  We should not underestimate the ZD30 engine. The engine’s structural design is extremely robust.  The reliability and functionality is no less than any other factory turbo diesel engine on the market today.  Preventive measures can improve this reliability. Known issues such as EGR, fuel system quality, fuel pressure control and boost pressure stability can result in expensive engine damage.

The Eclipse Turbochargers unique turbine wheel design and function, displays stable boost characteristics and a predictable boost curve while still using the factory vacuum solenoid. Consequently due to this design feature, we have not encountered any limp criteria events whilst running our turbocharger on a standard ZD30 engine at 20psi and above using the standard ECU.

Assembly, balancing and calibration are all completed in house to ensure a very high standard of product is released. Shaft balancing and VSR balancing are to the highest standard achievable only seen in the race industry. The VNT vanes and vacuum actuator are set on our turbo test pro calibration machine and will not require any adjustment. 

Turbine Side -
A larger turbine wheel incorporating the latest in mixed flow turbine technology and volute scroll design, the ECP545 VNT turbocharger out flows the factory GT2052V by an average of 30% for a lower shaft rpm at the same turbine psi (back pressure), whilst maintaining the same drive as the smaller factory GT2052V turbocharger. This results in a gain over the factory turbocharger in low end drive enhancing low down drive-ability, but most importantly, not losing any low down drive-ability. The turbine housing is manufactured from precision cast stainless steel that will take on a gold appearance once subjected to operating thermal temperatures and is built to last. 

Compressor Side -
A larger billet 6×6 custom designed and manufactured compressor wheel provides ample flow at high efficiency, well within the engine’s criteria. Its spool point is earlier than the smaller factory GT2052V turbocharger with ever increasing gains of volume and density as the boost pressure rises. The ECP545 turbocharger on a ZD30 with a ECU re-flash can comfortably run 30psi @ 20:1 afr. The intake pipe allows for a smooth transition from low pressure to high pressure at the correct velocity. 

Bearing Housing -
The bearing housing used comes standard with water cooling ports. 

Note: ECU re-flashes/re-maps are currently being developed for both the DI and CRD ZD30 engines, however this turbocharger has been designed to run on factory ZD30 engines for zero loss of both power and low down torque, even at very high mass flow levels resulting in very high afrs. In order to reach this turbocharger’s potential, it will require added timing and fuel via an ECU re-flash or other electronic control median.


  • Turbocharger Model Replacing: GT2052V (724639 - 0006, 50006, 5006S)
  • Replacement Model Number: ECP545
  • Bearing Type: Journal
  • Bearing Housing: Cast Iron
  • Cooling: Watercooled (Cross flow cooling void)
  • Turbine Type: Custom Mixed Flow (Inconel 718 super alloy)
  • Turbine Housing: VNT (Precision cast stainless steel)
  • Compressor Wheel: Custom Billet Aluminium
  • Compressor Housing: Custom Annealed Aluminium
  • Actuator: None
  • Boost Range: 20 - 30psi
  • Noise: Slight
  • Exchange Turbocharger: No
  • Direct Replacement: Yes.  Factory oil water line positions.  Cast Aluminium intake elbow is supplied with the turbocharger.


  • 1997-2016 Nissan Patrol GU ZD30 CRD