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Eclipse Turbo Systems SX520 1HD-T, 1HD-FT Upgrade Turbocharger

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The highly anticipated brand new CT26 design from Eclipse Turbo Systems is now available for your 1HD powered Landcruiser.

Direct bolt on for all 1HD-T, 1HD-FT engines.

Static Timing STD
Internal Timing STD
* Timing piston has been machined to advance to full 10mm at 3800rpm




  • Newly designed Eclipse Turbo Systems turbine housing with ceramic coating.
  • De-shrouded, angled wastegate port for higher flow capacity.
  • Custom Eclipse Turbo Systems high flow turbine wheel.
  • Eclipse Turbo Systems highly efficient 7+7 compressor wheel.
  • Annealed, burst contained compressor cover.
  • Full floating journal bearing system with 360deg thrust washer.
  • Eclipse Turbo Systems 65mm wastegate actuator.
  • 3” compressor cover intake (factory is 2.75”)
  • Factory Toyota CT26 (Turbo to manifold and CT26 dump pipe) bolt pattern.




Fitting notes - IMPORTANT:


1HDFTE Turbocharger.

  • The Toyota 1HDFTE compressor cover has a bolt on intake and outlet design. This intake is very restrictive due to the lack of surface area at the inducer of the compressor wheel. We recommend upgrading the factory airbox to a much higher flowing design and will fit the 3” silicone entry design of the SX520.

100 Series.

  • We recommend upgrading the intercooler due to the use plastic factory pipes, and size. The SX520 compressor outlet is 2” and will work in with most intercoolers.

79 series.

  • Eclipse Turbo Systems has developed a silicone hose that adapts from the SX520 to the factory cross over pipe (if intercooling is not being used). SX2FTE Silicone Hose.

Toyota Landcruiser 80 series (1HDFT engine) Initial testing – and fuel requirements. 


  • Eclipse SX520
  • 3" Exhaust
  • Front mount intercooler 
  • Rebuilt injector pump (STD injectors)
  • Boost pressure -15psi, AFR - 20:1, 148.5rwkw (199rwhp)   (111cc / 1000 shots)
  • Boost pressure - 20psi, AFR - 20:1, 175rwkw (235rwhp)   (146cc / 1000 shots)
  • Boost Pressure - 24psi, AFR - 20:1, 191rwkw (256rwhp)   (152cc / 1000 shots)
  • Boost Pressure - 24psi, AFR - 18:1, 200rwkw (268rwhp)    ( 164cc / 1000 shots)
  • Limit of STD Injectors