HP Diesel - Hyundai ILoad 2008 - 2014

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HPD's Hyundai iLoad intercooler was designed and built because of the many failures from the factory intercooler where the factory core would leak between the end tanks to core, as they are only press fitted with a O-ring in between, causing oil leak and boost leak resulting in loss of power and even turbo failure. HPD's intercooler is designed to give better performance, reliability, consistent and sustainable power. By reducing inlet temperatures, you will also reduce engine running temperatures. This kit is a direct upgrade that is substantially larger in surface area than the factory unit. This intercooler kit will give you reassurance that these issues will never arise again as HPD's intercooler has tig welded end tanks to the HPD core, with CNC mounting brackets to ensure perfect fitment.

Kit features:

  • This Kit is a Direct Replacement
  • Bar & Plate Core 400x190x110mm
  • 57mmø intercooler piping
  • CNC mounting brackets
Other Information:
We can supply the a range of HP Diesel, If it is not listed on our page, please contact us with the spec's you would like at info@tunersedge.com.au