HP Diesel - Isuzu D-Max / Mux 3LT 2016 - Current

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The late model D-MAX / MUX intercooler kit will fit 2016+ models that run the diesel particulate filter. 

How do i know if my kit is the late model or early model? 

The later dpf model vehicles will have a bright red hot side boost pipe from the turbocharger compressor cover down to the factory intercooler as shown in the image. 

HPD 's Isuzu D-MAX / MUX intercooler kits are as you can see nearly twice the size of the factory intercooler, have CNC Billet map sensor boss welded onto the intake pipe for perfiect sensor fitment. Heavy duty CNC mounting brackets so the intercooler will fit with factory oem rubber mounts to radiator support. the HPD intercooler is designed to give added performance, reliability, consistent and sustainable power, by reducing inlet temperatures you will also reduce engine running temperatures.

HPD has also designed a transmission cooler kit to bolt in with our HPD intercooler, helping to maintain lower transmission tempatures with those increased loads while towing. 

Kit features:

  • Bar & Plate Core 600x275x76mm
  • Alloy mandrel bent piping
  • Quality silicone hoses
  • German made load rated clamps
  • Mounting bracket
  • 1 year warranty