Lanotec Steel Seal - High Performance Corrosion Inhibitor

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  • Forms a low-tack protective skin which is moisture, salt, acid & fertiliser resistant
  • Stops rust and corrosion, hermetically seals the surface
  • Skin formed is self-healing
  • Replaces cavity wax, fish oil, soft seal & protective wax
  • Ideal for 4WD & Light Vehicle, body cavity, underbody & chassis rails
  • Can also be used on trailers and caravans

Steel Seal is a high-performance corrosion inhibitor that hermetically seals surfaces and is Ideal for protection of 4WDs and light vehicle underbody, chassis rails, jet skis, trailers and all marine motors. It has a high resistance to salts and acid so is perfect for vehicles that spend time on the beach. Steel Seal is non-evaporative, resists high pressure wash off, chipping and flaking and yet is still derived from natural, sustainable ingredients so you don’t have to worry about contaminating your favoring camping spot or beach.

Take you pick from either the 750ml handy spray pack, the 3L bottle, 5L bottle or the 20L drum.  For a 4 door 4WD wagon, a 5L drum will be enough for about 3 full underbody treatments including inside and out of the chassis rails.


Steel-Seal Product Data Sheet
Steel-Seal Aerosol Safety Data Sheet
Steel-Seal Safety Data Sheet