HP Diesel - Nissan Ptrol GU ED28

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HPD's Nissan Patrol RD28 direct replacement intercooler kit which has a larger core between HPD cast end tanks with cnc weld on boss' to bolt into the excisting frames. HPD 4WD intercooler kits are designed to give amazing performance, reliability, consistent and sustainable power. By reducing inlet temperatures you will also reduce engine running temperatures.

By fitting HPD's RD28 intercooler kit with turbo back exhaust system and unichip you will be surprised with the difference in torque and power the RD28 really has to offer.

Kit features:

  • Bar & Plate Core 280x240x76mm
  • This kit is a direct replacement
  • Cast end tanks
  • CNC Machined bosses
  • 57mmø intercooler piping