PlugNGO Toyota Hilux 2.8 D4D CRD

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What is PlugNGo?

PlugNGO is the newest tool to help you drive faster, smoother. It removes delays in the accelerator to help you manoeuvre your car easily-even on difficult terrain!

If you fit a PlugNGO then you’re guaranteed to discover the real performance of your vehicle.

PlugNGO alters the acceleration curve on electronic throttle controlled vehicles. It digitally alters the shape of the curve increasing throttle response and improving your overall driving experience.

PlugNGO improves acceleration times whilst overtaking and during hill starts. It’s safe and easy to use, just plug and go!


PlugNGO has been developed to increase throttle response in modern cars by removing delays in the accelerator to enhance driveability. It also improves your safety by improving acceleration times while overtaking and during hill starts.

Instant Acceleration

Throttle Boost! In modern vehicles, the accelerator cables have been replaced by an electronic system that acts as a speed regulator. However, this speed regulator also delays the vehicle response to the pedal, effectively delaying acceleration.

PlugNGO shortens response time and lets you accelerate faster, easier.