Razor 4x4

Razor4x4 Modular Bonnet Hinge Aerial Mount +Pod Light to suit Prado 150 / Lexus GX 460

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Secure and discreet alternative to bar mounted aerials.

Australian Design and tested, able to withstand the toughest climates and made with thicker steel to create a solid platform.


  • Eliminates the need to mount from your bulbar.
  • Allows for mounting of Pod lights in conjunction
  • laser Cut and Folded stainless steel.
  • Accommodates a variety of lighting solutions and options whiteout interfering with your windscreen wipers.
  • Pod Light mount with variable position angles to ensure fitment across most major light brands. (Pod Attachment (+$20.00)


  • Available for both Left and Right hand Models, Pod light mounted optional upgrade. (+$20.00)
  • Pod light attachment only required if running Aerial alongside pod as pictured.