Roadsafe 4wd

Roadsafe 4wd Coil Drop Out Cone Kit Nissan Toyota

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Sold In Pairs

Roadsafe Coil Drop Out Cone Kits is the simple bolt-in solution to the age old problem of coils coming loose, and trying to relocate, under down travel during articulation (not reseating properly). Roadsafe Drop Out Cones fit snuggly under the coil hats and basically work by allowing the coil to drop down an additional 3.75” before they will fall out. Combining the Roadsafe Coil Drop Out Cones with the Roadsafe Coil Retainers (to secure the base of the coil to the diff) allows for a longer shock (approx. 3.75”) to be used. Finished in Black E-Coat, the Roadsafe Coil Drop Out Cones are supplied as a pair